As an herbal nail salon and spa, we’re delighted to use natural products to nourish your skin and refresh your senses. The great thing about herbs is that they do a lot more than simply smell good; they can have real and positive impacts on your body. Here are a few of the luxurious herbs and natural products that show up in our natural body care products!


As gentle as the flowers it comes from, chamomile is deceptively powerful, especially when it comes to skin health. Because it’s packed with antioxidants, it’s an incredible anti-inflammatory and antiseptic and the perfect element to add to your manicure or pedicure.

Cocoa Powder

This smooth, chocolatey powder takes any spa treatment or nail salon service to the next level. Even better, it’s full of antioxidants that can rejuvenate your skin.


When this highly aromatic herb hits your nose, you can’t miss it! We could rave on and on about its ability to clear the nose and head, soothe aches and pains, and kill off germs, but we’ll just let you experience its magic for yourself in our spa!


Another highly aromatic spice, ginger root brings clarity, peace, and soothing heat. Its active ingredient, gingerol, has proven itself to be incredibly effective against nausea, muscle pain, weariness, menstrual symptoms, and beyond. This is a great option for your herbal manicure or spa treatment!

Green Tea

Our cells are constantly breaking down, but the catechins in green tea prevent the damage caused by free radicals. This powerhouse substance clears your head, makes your body feel better, and attacks bacteria — all while smelling amazing! Try a green tea herbal manicure at your next visit to our nail salon in D’Iberville!

Ground Coffee

We love this aromatic, rich material, especially for being such a great exfoliant. It’s bursting with antioxidants and works as a vasoconstrictor to reduce puffiness. Utilizing ground coffee in your pedicure or manicure will leave your skin feeling smooth and invigorated.


One of the superheroes of the herb world, lavender doesn’t just smell serenely beautiful; it also lavishes benefits on your body, including improved sleep quality, enhanced skin healing, headache relief, antimicrobial action … and that’s just the beginning. Don’t miss out on a lavender herbal manicure service at our nail salon!


There’s nothing like citrus to clear the head! Lemongrass is especially powerful at relieving weariness, reducing headaches, and addressing pain. It relaxes muscles, joints, and nerves while strengthening the nervous system.

Orange Powder

People love orange for its sweet, refreshing scent. It’s not only a wonderful thing to smell, it also contains a bunch of vitamins that strengthen the immune system. Experience the benefits of orange powder at our D’Iberville nail salon!

Peppermint Leaf

Another hard-hitter in the world of herbs, peppermint is impossible to miss. Its menthol content means it can cool your skin, but it does so much more. It soothes digestion, relieves headaches, boosts energy, and kills bacteria. If you’re looking for a healing spa treatment when you’re under the weather, try a peppermint manicure!


This plant has a sharp, woodsy scent that will wake you right up while simultaneously relaxing your nerves. It works as a mental stimulant but is also a powerful antiseptic. This means it can reduce muscle pain and sore throats while increasing circulation and improving appetite. For an energizing nail treatment, try a rosemary manicure at our herbal nail salon!

Rose Petals

We love rose petals for their gentle, soothing scent. Rose oil is not only soothing to the senses; it also soothes the skin and works to balance hormones. There’s nothing not to like! This is the perfect way to treat yourself at our nail bar!

Spearmint Leaf

Spearmint calms, relaxes, and uplifts while helping to relieve indigestion and fever. It’s an unmistakable scent in our spa and a favorite of those looking for an awakening herbal nail salon experience.

Epsom Salt

At Mystic Nails, we absolutely love Epsom salt. It contains a mineral called magnesium and soothes pain, swelling, constipation, and stress. When dissolved in our foot soaks at our herbal nail salon, it adds a luxurious benefit you’ll enjoy long after you leave Mystic Nails.

Hawaiian Sea Salt

This electrolyte-balancing salt is found in ancient salt ponds on the western side of Kauai. We love to use this salt because it’s infused with Alaea, a uniquely Hawaiian clay rich in iron oxide and activated charcoal.

Himalayan Salt

Known for its pretty pink tone, pure Himalayan salt contains over 60 minerals and can make a huge impact on your body. It balances hormones, reduces inflammation, helps your body stay hydrated, and nourishes your cells. Don’t miss an opportunity to try this service at our nail salon!

Dead Sea Salt

Another one of our favorite additions to foot soaks, dead sea salt packs an incredible mineral punch. We love how it boosts skin healing, helps your body detoxify itself, and brings relief to muscle cramps and stiffness. Ask us about Dead Sea Salt at your next visit to our D’Iberville nail salon!