Have you given up on ever having naturally long, beautiful nails? Do you have to work hard to keep your nails from breaking and splitting? For some people, it’s something they don’t even think about — their nails just grow without any effort whatsoever. But, if you’re like the rest of us, it’s not that easy.

The team at Mystic Nails in D’Iberville is here to help take some of the stress out of making your nails look great. We’ve put together tips on how to get strong, healthy nails by focusing on certain daily habits and diet. Make these tips part of your routine, and you’ll have strong nails in no time! And don’t forget, when you need a quick fix, Mystic Nails offers acrylic nail services in addition to our classic, herbal, and shellac manicures.


Dry nails break. Period. If you want to keep them strong, keep them moisturized. It’s as simple as rubbing your nails with lotion or oil (such as jojoba or olive oil). The benefit is two-fold: the lotion or oil will keep your nails from drying out and the act of messaging it into your nails is great for circulation and promoting growth.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water seems to be the answer to everything — and strong nails are no exception! When you’re dehydrated, it not only affects your overall health, but it has a big impact on your hair, skin, and nails. Make sure you’re getting at least eight glasses a day, and increase that amount if you exercise.

Avoid Acetone-Based Polish Remover

Acetone-based polish removers are great for quickly removing stubborn polish, but they wreak havoc on your nails. Try to use acetone-free remover most of the time, and reserve the acetone-based polish for once-in-awhile, when you just can’t quite get off all of the glitter.

Give Your Nails a Break

Nails need to breathe. If you want strong nails, make sure to give them time to breathe every now and then. If you’ve been wearing the same polish for a week, it’s probably time to take it off for a few days and give your nails some “breathing time.”

Eat a Healthy Diet

Everyone has heard the phrase “You are what you eat,” and that applies to nail health too! Eating a diet rich in quality protein, and taking a biotin supplement or multivitamin can help provide the building blocks for strong, healthy nails.

Wear Rubber Gloves When Cleaning

It might take an extra 30 seconds to dig out those gloves, but make a habit of putting on rubber gloves before you start cleaning. Chemicals and detergents used when you wash dishes or clean the shower do a great job of removing grease and soap scum, but they also strip your nails of natural oils. Also, keep in mind that soaking your nails in water for an excessive amount of time will weaken them. Making it a routine of wearing gloves will help keep your nails strong and dry.

Visit Mystic Nails Spa and Salon in D’Iberville

If you’re trying to improve the overall health of your nails, Mystic Nails can help. Routine manicures can help keep nails clean and moisturized, not to mention they’re a great stress-reliever! Check out our services menu and book an appointment today. Treat yourself to an herbal manicure where the use of natural herbs and essential oils will pamper your nails as well as your senses. Or, get ready to look your best for a night out or special event with acrylic nails.

Looking for pampering beyond nails? Mystic Nails offers a full range of services including eyelash extensions, microblading, and waxing. No matter which you choose, our highly skilled technicians are dedicated to bringing you the best experience possible!