Here at our D’Iberville nail salon, we know that the only reason you need to get a manicure is because you want one! That said, there are a few special events that call for nice hands, and we’re going to be sharing five of those with you today. And we’re not just talking to the ladies! Men can also benefit from a nice nail clean-up when it’s time for them to make a good impression. Read on to discover a few events that should definitely include a trip to our nail salon! 

5 Events That Deserve A New Manicure

Networking Event 

Networking events are full of handshaking and passing out business cards. You can make a great impression by having nicely manicured hands that are soft and friendly. When having your nails done for a business-related event, consider keeping your nails shorter and choose a neutral color. 

First Day of a New Job

If that networking event proves to be successful and you land yourself a new job, make sure to show up with a fresh manicure! Not only will this leave a good impression with your new coworkers, but it will also ensure your hands are in top-shape for note-taking. Best of all, everyone knows that a manicure is a major confidence booster. Go into your new office with your head held high and your hands looking fantastic. 


You might be wondering when you would be involved in a photoshoot, but there are plenty of opportunities! Family photos or engagement pictures are a time when you’ll be the center of the show. However, you might find yourself pulled into group photos at weddings or work parties, so ensure that your nails look picture-perfect by stopping into our D’Iberville nail salon before the big event. 

Special Dinners

From a Thanksgiving feast to a fundraising banquet, if you’re going to be involved in a special dinner, make sure your hands look fantastic. This is especially important if you will be helping to prepare the food, as well-manicured hands will signal that you are a perfectly hygienic chef. 


Holiday parties, anniversary parties, family get-togethers… whatever type of party you’re attending or throwing, make sure your nails look as great as your outfit! This is a great time to really show off your personality with a bold nail polish. Choose something that will make you stand out. 

Get Ready For Your Next Event With Our Nail Salon! 

Our D’Iberville nail salon is here to help you get ready for your next big event. While we have been talking about manicures throughout this blog, you’ll be happy to know that that isn’t the only primping service we offer! We are also proud to provide you with waxing services, eyelash extensions, and more to ensure you are looking and feeling fabulous. 

We always try to accommodate walk-ins, but the best way to ensure a prompt service is by booking your appointment online or by giving us a call. We look forward to pampering you for your next big event!