At our D’Iberville nail salon, we know that having healthy, beautiful hands, feet, and nails are important to many of our clients. After all, that’s one of the main reasons to treat yourself to a manicure! But, aesthetics aren’t the only benefit of having a nail place that you know and love. Regular manicures can also give you a chance to pamper your nails and keep your nails and cuticles healthy. 

Not only do unhealthy, dry, and cracked cuticles hurt, but they can also make your nails look less-than-their-best. Cuticles play an important role in the health of our nails. They act as a protective layer to prevent bacteria from reaching the new growth area of your finger- and toenails. When this area becomes dry or damaged, it runs the risk of becoming infected. For this reason, taking care of your cuticles is extremely important! Keep reading to learn some easy ways to ensure your cuticles remain in good shape. 

How To Keep Your Cuticles Healthy


Moisturizing is one of the most important things to do to keep your cuticles healthy. Dry cuticles have a tendency to split or lift from the nail bed, allowing bacteria to gain access. Regularly use hand lotion, especially after washing your hands as soap can be very drying. At night, apply cuticle oil or petroleum jelly to the cuticles for some extra overnight pampering. 

At-home wax treatments or oil treatments are a great way to give dry cuticles a refresh. 

Protect Your Cuticles And Nails

When cleaning or using harsh chemicals, make sure to wear a pair of gloves to protect your nails from the drying agents in the cleaners. These can wreak havoc on your nails and cuticles and make them weak, brittle, and prone to infection. 

If you work with tools or machinery, make sure to be cautious of nail injuries. Keep your nails short and always follow best safety practices to reduce the likelihood of an accident. 

Break Bad Habits

If you have a tendency to bite or pick at your nails or cuticles, try to make an effort to stop this. Not only can this break the skin and make your nails look unsightly, but it can also make way for serious infections as our mouths and hands are full of bacteria. Additionally, having broken skin around the nails can make it difficult to treat yourself to manicures at a nail salon.

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Choose The Best Nail Salons

Your nail salon should follow the best sanitation practices. This includes never reusing non-metallic tools on customers. At Mystic Nail Spa, your nail salon in D’Iberville, MS, we take our clients’ safety seriously. At your appointment, we will use brand new files, pumice stones, and buffers. Our pedicure thrones are pipe-free and we use new, disposable liners for each client. 

Our nail technicians are the best in the area, and take their time to ensure your nails and cuticles are properly cared for rather than rushing through the appointment. Our technicians are gentle and steady, but if you feel any discomfort or prefer to not have your cuticles trimmed, just let us know and we’d be happy to adjust our technique for you! 

Care For Cuts Properly

If you get a small cut on your cuticle, it can be easy to just try to ignore it until it heals. However, you should take cuticle cuts (and wounds anywhere on your body!) seriously. Make sure to thoroughly wash your cut with soap and water and apply an antibiotic ointment. Cover the cut with a bandaid and repeat the process several times per day until the cut is fully healed. If your cut becomes swollen, painful, or oozy, make sure to see a doctor as this could be a sign of an infection. 

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We’d love to welcome you to our nail salon where you can receive an herbal manicure with fresh herbs and essential oils of your choice. Some of our services even come with a Dead Sea mud mask for your hands or feet that offer extra hydration for your cuticles. While we try to accommodate walk-ins, the best way to ensure timely service is to book your appointment ahead of time. You can do this online or by calling our nail salon!